TEST Fire Liability Overview

For Westermill Consideration Only
Fire Liability Overview


I began drafting an item specifically targeting “portable … fires, braziers, ovens, etc.” for use for use in the Westermill Camping Terms and Conditions and on the website to promote the idea and … wound up with the information below.

In-ground Fire Pits and all portable fire containment systems seem to me to present considerable liability exposure to Westermill Campsite.

As far as I can tell Westermill Camping policy regarding the use of “any and all” open flame would benefit by being as descriptive and comprehensive as possible, not only via our website and Terms and Conditions but that Westermill Camping should also review its insurance coverage with regard to both the in-ground fire pits already in place and the use of “any other kind” of portable fire containment system in any of the other camping fields.

Some of the considerations that came up …

  1. Risk assessments of the use of “all” types of open flame … in-ground or portable … and implement useful guidelines and mitigation strategies

  2. Comprehensive guidelines for campers and staff — with emphasis on clarity and simplicity

  3. Utility and practicality of using Liability Waivers for campers using “open flame” to minimize Westermill’s insurance liability

  4. Present a general discussion regarding In-ground and Portable Fires risks and Westermill policies on website

  5. Finally … include strict and appropriate items in our Terms and Conditions

Index of links to more detailed data and analysis

  • A comprehensive guideline for the use of both in-ground fire pits and portable fire containment systems: Fire Use Guidelines

  • A draft copy of what a “use of fire” waiver might look like: Fire Waiver

  • A document “researching” the usefulness of requiring a signed waiver by anyone using an in-ground fire pit or portable fire containment system at Westermill Campsite: Fire Waiver Assessment