DofE Winter Camping Guidelines

Duke of Edinburgh Camping Guidelines: November — March

Winter Season: November — March

All Winter Season bookings must be confirmed by Westermill prior to arrival.

Getting to and leaving Westermill Farm Camping

Whatever your route map…

  • On Westermill Farm ground CLOSE all the gates that you go through and by “closed” we mean “latched shut” so that it cannot simply be “pushed open”
  • IF you are uncertain as to whether you are on Westermill Farm — CLOSE the gate anyway
  • NEVER leave a gate open because another group is “right behind you”
  • IF you are unable to “close” a gate, in the above manner, note its location (a photograph of the gate and its environs will help) and report it to Westermill Farm or your supervisor as soon as possible
Where to camp on Westermill Farm
  • Students, participants, supervisors, support staff camping in First Field ONLY — see Winter Campsite

Where to park on Westermill Farm
Loo Blocks
  • Students, participants, supervisors, support staff use the First Field Loo Block ONLY — see Winter Campsite

  • The First Field Loo Block is to be managed by DofE supervisors, individually or co-operatively with other groups’ supervisors

Recycling and Rubbish

Duke of Edinburgh groups must remove ALL their recycling and rubbish from Westermill Farm.