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2024 Duke of Edinburgh

Hello Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme,

Congratulations on finally having your own nav bar menu item at Westermill! =:)

In anticipation of the 2024 camping season Westermill Farm is in the process of preparing a specific set of Terms and Conditions [T&C] for the DofE intended for administrators of Lincensed Organizations [LO] and Accredited Activity Providers [AAP] who book our campsite and for those administrators of institutions which make use of our venue directly or via third party bookings:

DRAFT 2024 DofE Terms and Conditions

Westermill is also preparing two sets of ‘camping guidelines’ intended for DofE supervisors, support staff and participants for Camping Seasons — Summer or Winter. They provide the quickest introduction to DofE camping at Westermill Farm.

DRAFT 2024 DofE Summer Camping Guidelines

DRAFT 2024 DofE Winter Camping Guidelines

The following two diagrams are intended to support the Summer and Winter Camping guidelines:

DRAFT 2024 DofE Summer Map

DRAFT 2024 DofE Winter Map

As a very “early visitor” to this page … please feel free to visit the form linked to next and provide feedback … or … “feedforward”, as I gather is the recommended current parlance … or … just have a peek:

DofE Comment

We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

Jill and Oliver Edwards