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Westermill Farm Camping — 2022 Overview

Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s 2022 and we continue to take our guidance for managing the Westermill Campsite from our experiences in 2020, 2021 and two traditional considerations…

  1. To err on the side of caution and

  2. To count on your co-operation, your patience and your good sense

Please see the Westermill Farm Camping Covid-19 Protocols for further details.

Also, please see the revised Westermill Camping Rental Terms and Conditions.

Jill and Oliver Edwards

Camping Availability

  • Sincere apologies but Westermill Farm Campsite is currently closed to “spontaneous” camping — in other words — all pitches must be booked in advance.

The Camp Booking Form is —   password protected   — but the password is the same as last year, so if you have used it before you are welcome to use it again.

Otherwise, please phone:

  • 01643 831 238 and ask Jill for the password to the online form


  • 07970 594 808 and ask Oliver for the password to the online form

Fees — per night

  1. Adults £ 12.50
  2. Children £ 5.00
  3. Motor vehicles £ 3.00
  4. Dogs £ 3.00

Online Booking Form

  • All campers please — only ONE family or household per booking form
  • Password protected

Steps in Booking Form

  1. Provide: Contact Information
  2. Agree: Covid-19 Protocols
  3. Agree: Camping Terms and Conditions
  4. Provide: Party details
  5. Set: Arrival and Departure Dates
  6. Review: Balance and Payment Details
  7. Review: Confirmation page
  8. Receive: Email – automatically sent after form submitted includes Booking Details and Payment Options


  1. Balance to be paid IN FULL at time of booking.
  2. Payments subject to a £ 25 non-refundable deposit or balance, if less.
  3. The non-refundable deposit may be applied to an alternate camping visit anytime until the end of October 2022.

Camp Terms and Conditions

Subject to change without notice — updates will be posted to our website in as timely a manner as we are able to manage

Camp Terms and Conditions

Camp Covid Protocols

Subject to change without notice —updates will be posted to our website in as timely a manner as we are able to manage

Camp Covid Protocols