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Westermill Farm Cottage FAQ
Emergency Contacts


Police, Ambulance, Fire: 999

Our address:
Westermill Farm, Exford, Minehead, TA24 7NJ


Taunton Hospital (A&E, Musgrove): 01823 333 444

  • For directions, please click HERE.

Minehead Hospital (Day time only): 01643 701 701

  • For directions, please click HERE.

Dulverton Doctor’s Surgery (Exmoor Medical Centre): 01398 323 333

  • For directions, please click HERE.

Dulverton Veterinary Practice: 01398 323 285

  • For directions, please click HERE.


IF you need assistance, please just come down to the farmhouse and ring the bell.

Westermill Farm landline: 01643 831 238

Oliver's mobile: 07970 594 808

Cottage Details

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IF we have an issue... how should we contact you?

A. Drop by Reception

B. Text or email us

How many cottages are there?

There are 5 cottages for rent.

When can we arrive?

Cottage arrival should be from 3 PM onward.

When do we have to leave the cottage?

10 AM ... ideally for Westermill, but... later departures may be arranged by prior agreement.

Are there wood burners?

There are wood burners in each cottage.

There will be a complementary basket of fire wood in the cottage upon your arrival.

Should you require additional firewood it is for sale from Westermill Farm — please inquire.

The TV doesn't work, what do I do?

Please have a look at the "How to Turn on the TV" section of the Cottage Information Binder TBD!

IF the TV Guide does not resolve the issue please contact us.

Do we still have to bring our own bedding?

Yes, thank you.

The Wi-Fi seems to be working but...

I cannot reach the internet...

Please come by Reception and let us know.

It's really dark at night...

Is it OK to leave the lights in the cottage on?

Why are there geese everywhere?

Because they have to be somewhere.

The Geese are a bit unnerving ... how to we control them?

IF you are bigger than the geese ... hold your arms outstretched away from your body and simply walk towards them.

They will back away.

IF you are about the same size as the geese ... say "Go away geese!" in your loudest voice.

AND ... hold out your arms as wide as you can.

They may not back away but you should feel better.

AND ... the geese will know that you mean business!

What are the noises I hear at night?

Hooting... likely owls.

Bellowing... likely cows, may be Stags in rut.

Roaring... possibly Exmoor Beast.

Can I park beside the cottage?

Only if you are staying in New Holly, in which case you may park right beside.

For other cottage visitors... you may "temporarily" park in the Gorse Cottage "lay by" to unload but then should repair your vehicle to the cottage parking area — see Cottage Map TBD!

How to I turn up the heat in the cottage?

That depends upon which cottage you are in: each cottage has a Cottage Information Guide TBD! illustrating how to adjust its heat.

Visiting Exmoor

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Where to go and What to do... start with

Firstly, please have a look at either or both of these authoritative resources:

Visitor Exmoor the "official tourism site to Exmoor"

Exmoor National Park the other "official tourism site to Exmoor", see especially...

Where to go and What to do... some of our ideas

Lynton and Lynmouth about 15 miles – directions

A couple of our personal favourites in Lynton and Lynmouth

Cliff Railway

The Victorian Portrait Company


Brightfire Pottery

Pannier Market in South Molton, Thursday and Saturday, about 16.7 miles  – directions

How far is...

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How far is the nearest grocery store?

Exmoor Stores in Exford about 2.2 miles – 01643 831 244 – all the basics... directions

Petrol Station
in Wheddon Cross about 7.2 miles away – 01643 841 221 – FUEL plus all the basics and more... directions

in Porlock about 7.8 miles away – 01643 862 396 – a convenience store... directions

in Dulverton about 10.8 miles away – 01398 323 241 – full on grocery store... directions

How far is the nearest petrol station?

The nearest petrol station is at Wheddon Cross about 7.2 miles – directions

How far is the nearest pub?

The nearest pubs are in Exford:

The Crown Hotel in Exford about 2.2 miles – 01643 831 244 – directions

The White Horse Inn in Exford about 2.3 miles – 01643 831 279 – directions

However, there are several good pubs in the area – perhaps too far to walk to but well worth a visit:

The Exmoor Forest Inn in Simonsbath about 5.4 miles – 01643 841 221 – directions

The Royal Oak Exmoor in Winsford about 7.2 miles – 01398 323 241 – directions

Tarr Farm Inn at Tarr Steps about 7.6 miles – 01643 862 396 – directions

The Castle Hotel in Porlock about 7.8 miles – 01643 862 504 – directions

Woods Pub & Restaurant in Dulverton about 10.8 miles – 01398 324 007 – directions

The Black Venus Inn in Challacombe about 10.8 miles – 01643 831 279 – directions

The Bridge Inn in Dulverton about 10.9 miles – 01643 841 221 – directions

The George Inn in Brompton Regis about 12.7 miles – 01398 371 273 – directions

How close is the nearest riding stable?

The Exmoor Pony Centre about 8 miles – directions

Burrowhayes Farm about 9 miles – directions

Brendon Manor about 11.3 miles – directions

West Anstey Riding Stables about 12.8 miles – directions

How far is it to the beach?

Far enough to give you time to get your sunscreen or wet suit on.

Is there a footpath from Westermill to Exford?

No... well, “yes”... but it’s the roadway!

IF you do walk into Exford... walk in the middle of the road and wear bright colours during the day and reflective gear or head lamps at night.

Locals are very good at traversing this road... sorry to say but it's the "visitors" that need to be watched out for.