Avoiding Muddicombe Lane

•>——   Avoiding Muddicombe Lane   ——<•

IF you are driving to Westermill Farm Camping we recommend that you avoid Muddicombe Lane — regardless of whatever your GPS / Sat Nav may say!

The easiest way to drive to Westermill Farm is to head West from Exford.

Just so you know the “rest of the story” …

Muddicombe Lane is steep, twisty, flanked by banked hedges on both sides and narrow, as in — “one car wide” narrow — think about “…having to reverse uphill around blind corners for 50 or 100 yards should it become necessary”[!], inevitably Muddicombe leads to a bridge which is 6 feet 6 inches wide and has been aptly named “Silly Bridge” on Ordnance Survey Maps.

And yet … GPS / Sat Nav insists on sending “everything” Muddicombe’s way … Emergency Service vehicles included!?