Camping Covid-19 Protocols TEST

This is a TEST page — it is not intended for public viewing.
Westermill Farm Camping Covid-19 Guidelines

For the future…

Due to the inherent unpredictability of Covid-19 and the attendant government guidelines which of necessity may come into force, we can only state:

“Westermill Farm shall adhere to central government advice and requirements of the day, do our utmost to advise campers regarding those which apply to Westermill Campsite and require all campers to follow such advice and guidelines as stipulated.”

For the present…

To ensure the safest visit for everyone as well as requiring adherence to all government mandated regulations and restrictions, Westermill Campsite would like to bring your attention to the following:

  • IF you have a confirmed case of Covid-19 which interferes with your arrival date, please let us know as soon as possible and we will re-accommodate your booking.

  • Please DO NOT arrive at Westermill for your holiday with Covid-19, as we WILL NOT be able to honour your booking.

  • IF, during your stay, you test positive for Covid-19, we can direct you to the nearest medical services.

  • Social distancing should always be maintained.

Amenities closed for the foreseeable future

  • Third Field Loo Block

  • Farm Shop

  • NO entry to any farm buildings or sheds — unless accompanied by farm staff or member of the farm family.

A breach of our Terms and Conditions may result in the loss of your visiting privileges.