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Westermill Farm Camping FAQ

Campsite General Details

Campsite General Details

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How big is the campsite?

The Westermill Farm Campsite consists of four fields of about 12 acres, see the Campsite Map.

Does the campsite have set pitches?

No, we do not have set pitches — you choose a spot and pitch up wherever suits you best.

Can we put our tent up anywhere?


You can pitch up anywhere in the four camping fields [see Campsite Map] that does not infringe upon the space of another camper.

Can we park beside our tent?

Yes... emphasis on “beside”... please DO NOT park on your tent.

Does the campsite have fields just for families?

Not exactly... our First Field is fenced off from the Exe River and consequently is best suited for families with young children.

Otherwise, families with children of different ages camp in ALL our fields.

Is there a “quiet time” when noise must be kept down?

a. Yes, “quiet time” begins at 11:00 PM.

b. Yes, “quiet time” begins at 11:00 PM... EXCEPT in the Fourth Field where staff is reluctant to attend at any time after dark.

How late may we arrive?

Preferably before 8 PM and certainly before “dark”... even if you are familiar with our campsite arrivals after “dark” tend to be disconcerting for other campers.

When do we have to leave the campsite?

Preferably before 5 PM and certainly before “dark”... even if you are familiar with our campsite traffic after “dark” tends to be disconcerting to other campers.

Is there a limit to the number of people we can have on one booking form?

Yes, each online booking form should only contain the details of an immediate family.

“Immediate” being the people you usually live with in your home... although this being the "2020's" we are somewhat flexible about “usually live with.”

How do I arrange to camp beside my friends?

Fair question, here are two suggestions on how to do this — depending upon how many friends there will be.

1. Arrive together... or as close together as you and your friends are able and simply pitch up

2. Come camping when you and your friends will have the campsite more or less to yourselves... the chart below will give you an idea of 2022's visitor density.

2a. Any dates with "around" 50 visitors — or less — will more or less guarantee you (and your friends — of reasonable number) the opportunity to camp together.

Can we change the dates of our visit after we have paid?

Yes, of course, you may either reschedule...

1. For “this” camping year... OR

2. For the following camping year

Can we cancel a booking after we have paid?

Yes, of course... with the following considerations:

There will be a non-refundable deposit for all bookings, amounting to either...

  • £25... OR
  • the balance, if the total booking fee is less than £25
  • The non-refundable deposit may be applied to an alternate camping visit anytime until the end of October of the following year.
Can our children get close to the farm animals?

a. From the “out side” of a fence – Maybe... but even then be vigilant and cautious

b. From the “in side” of a fence – No! Children should never be in a field with livestock, regardless of whether or not they are accompanied by an adult.

c. Visiting / feeding... lambs, chickens and dogs can be arranged, talk to Dave the Farmer.

What about dogs on the campsite?

No matter "how well trained" you know your dogs to be — Health and Safety as well as Public Safety guidelines require all dogs to be on leads in public spaces such as our campsite.

There is a specified "off leash" area to the west of the campsite in Douglas Wood.

As outlined in our Camping Terms & Conditions:

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash in the campsite.
  • All fouling must be picked up and deposited in a rubbish bin.
  • For the safety of yourselves, your dogs and our animals, do not take dogs near livestock, cows and calves or sheep.

“Does the campsite…”

Does the campsite...

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Does the campsite have walks around the farm?

Yes... there are Four Waymarked Walks around the farm – see [LINK]

In fact you may walk anywhere you want around the farm BUT you cannot enter any farm buildings unless you are accompanied by farm staff or Edwards family member... AND... Please, Please, Please: “LEAVE THE GATES THE WAY YOU FOUND THEM!”

Does the campsite have fire pits?

Yes, the campsite has fire pits in the Fourth Field... BUT... you may also...

Bring a brazier or Bar-B-Q or other fire containment system which — raises the fire far enough above the ground that it does not singe the grass — in which case you may have an open fire in any of our Camp Fields.

In all cases — please exercise all due caution around open flame.

Does the campsite sell firewood?

Yes, we do, kindling as well... please call Jill’s mobile for pricing.

Does the campsite have electric hook-ups?


Does the campsite have WiFi?

Sort of... approximately in the area between the Farmhouse and the First Field Loo Block [see Campsite Map]

Does the campsite have mobile phone reception?

This depends “specifically” upon your mobile phone provider... we have had campers phone us from the Fourth Field and others who cannot connect anywhere in the campsite.

Does the campsite have a recharging facility for digital devices?

Yes... charging is available at a “multi-point” plug in Reception: very sorry but we cannot be responsible for devices left to recharge.

Does the campsite have laundry facilities?

Yes, the campsite has both a washing machine and tumble dryer available in the First Field Loo block [see Campsite Map]... bring ₤1 coins.

Does the campsite have a fridge or freezer available?

Yes, we have both, see Campsite Map

Does the campsite sell camping gas?

Yes... on exchange, otherwise you will have to buy the “bottle”.

Does the campsite sell free range eggs?

Sorry, no.

Does the campsite sell grass fed beef raised on the farm?

Yes, please inquire onsite.

“How far is…”

How far is...

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How far is the nearest grocery store?

a. The nearest shop is Exmoor Stores in Exford, 2.5 miles away... it has the basics.

b. The nearest convenience shop is in the petrol station at Wheddon Cross, 9 miles away... all the basics and more.

c. The nearest “full on” grocery store is the Co-op in Dulverton, 10 miles away.

How far is the nearest petrol station?

Nine miles to Wheddon Cross [link to Google maps].

How far is the nearest pub?

a. The Crown Hotel in Exford... 2.51 miles

b. The White Horse Hotel in Exford... 2.53 miles

How far is it to the beach?

Far enough to give you time to get your sunscreen or wet suit on.

Is there a footpath from the campsite to Exford?

No... well, “yes”... but it’s the roadway!

IF you do walk into Exford... walk in the middle of the road and wear bright colours during the day and reflective gear or head lamps at night.

Locals are very good at traversing this road... sorry to say but it's the "visitors" that need to be watched out for.