Camping Rental Terms and Conditions

Westermill Farm Camping Terms and Conditions

Arrival and Departure
You are welcome to arrive at Westermill at the time most convenient for your travel plans.

Campers who arrive at Westermill either very early in the morning or very late in the evening are asked to be especially considerate of guests already situated.

We ask that you schedule your departure for no later than 6 PM.

Check In
Guests must check in to Reception on arrival, even if they have prepaid the full amount of their visit.

The only exception is if you arrive so late in the evening that Reception is closed, in which case you may pitch up and check-in first thing next morning.

Non-refundable Deposit
A non-refundable deposit of £25, or balance if less, is required to confirm a booking.

Payment of Balance
Payments of balance can be made:

  • Securely online by BACS:
    • Our bank details
    • Sort Code: 30-90-49
    • Account No: 44493460
    • Please reference your surname and booking number
  • By cheque:
    • Please make cheques payable to “Westermill Farm Ltd.”
  • By credit/debit card over the phone:
    • Please call us on 01643 831 238
  • By cash:
    • Upon check-in at the farm

Cancellation by the client
If you have to cancel please inform us immediately. All monies which have been paid, excluding the non-refundable deposit, will be returned.

Interruption of Service by Westermill Farm
In the unlikely event of your camping pitch becoming unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, every effort will be made to provide an alternative space at Westermill Farm or a complete refund of all monies paid, including deposit, will be made.

Non pre-booked charges
The Edwards Family reserve the right to charge extra for clients camping at Westermill Farm during holidays and particularly busy times if the client has not pre-booked their visit. This charge is at the discretion of the Edwards Family.

Westermill Farm represents a great educational opportunity for children and we recognize their desire to explore it. However, farms can be dangerous places and as we have no way of evaluating the maturity and responsibility of your children we expect you to accept the responsibility of ensuring that your children act with due caution and consideration wherever they are on Westermill.

Children should always have appropriate supervision while on the farm.

All Road Traffic Act regulations apply on all areas of the farm.

We are a working farm and a family campsite. Please drive slowly at all times:

5 MPH maximum.

We also ask that you walk to the shop, shower and loo blocks.

Dogs must be kept under control at all times. All fouling must be picked up and put in the wheelie bins. For safety, do not take dogs near cows and calves. Douglas Wood, at the end of the 4th field, is for off-the-lead exercise only.

Drones and Aerial Photography
The use of drones and taking aerial imagery is prohibited and may be permitted only by prior arrangement!

Grazing is normally available for visiting horses, but the Edwards family reserve the right to withdraw grazing when necessary to preserve the condition of the fields.

Here at Westermill Farm, we have a wide variety of animals: geese, chickens, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep and cows. They all get along with one another like a big happy family: please respect each animal and ensure that their safety remains paramount.

Westermill Farm is a quiet, family campsite so we ask for no noise after 11 PM.

If you wish to listen to music, sports or other audio broadcasts – that’s fine – but if others can hear them – that’s not.

No Smoking
There is no smoking allowed in any of the buildings on the farm, particularly the shower and loo blocks. We therefore ask all visitors that, if they want to smoke, to do so outside.

Disruptive Behaviour
The Edwards family reserve the right to ask people to leave the site if they are being disruptive or causing a nuisance to others staying at Westermill.

Operating Standards
The Edwards family endeavour to maintain high standards of cleanliness at all times. We ask everyone to help keep the site clean and tidy, not to litter or drop rubbish, however small. All rubbish is to be put into the wheelie bins.

We ask everyone who uses the loo and shower blocks to help keep them clean and tidy at all times and to report anything out of order.

Charges for Damage
The Edwards family reserve the right to charge for any non-trivial damage howsoever caused.

Responsibility for Client’s Property
The Edwards family cannot accept responsibility for personal injury to clients or their guests, loss or damage to clients’ personal property including damage to vehicles, horse boxes or trailers parked at or tents pitched on Westermill Farm.

You agree that you are fully responsible for your activities whilst using this internet service and that the provision of this service is a privilege and not a right. You also agree not to engage in any unlawful or prohibited activity and that you respect privacy and security of other users. You also understand that we do not guarantee privacy, security or access.

A breach of the foregoing terms and conditions may result in the loss of your visiting privileges.

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