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Overview: Subject Access Request

NVR Nude believes that your personal data belongs to you and you should be able to find out what personal data NVR Nude has of yours. To facilitate this idea NVR Nude has borrowed a process from the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect in the European Union since May 25, 2018 — there is no equivalent level of data protection legislation in Canada or the United States of America — NVR Nude is offering users a simplified version of the Subject Access Request (SAR) function of the GDPR.

Basically the SAR offers internet users the opportunity to request to be informed as to what data the NVR Nude has stored about them and to delete their personal data from NVR Nude’s computers. To be clear: this ONLY refers to the data that NVR Nude itself has stored about the user NOT the data that has been acquired by third-partys via the user’s interaction with the NVR Nude website on Shopify.com.

What is an individual entitled to?

Individuals have the right to request the following from NVR Nude:

  • confirmation that NVR Nude has processed their personal data;
  • a copy of their personal data stored by NVR Nude; and
  • deletion of their personal data stored by NVR Nude/li>
  • supplementary information – such as that provided by the:

* Notwithstanding an individual’s right to request that NVR Nude delete all copies of their personal data: NVR Nude will delete an individual’s personal data upon their request with the sole exception that NVR Nude will not delete such data if NVR Nude has been informed that this particular data is material to a legal proceeding of any scope.

In most cases NVR Nude will respond to a Subject Access Request promptly and in any event within 40 calendar days of receiving it.

Personal data of the individual

An individual is only entitled to their own personal data, and not to information relating to other people (unless the information is also about them or they are acting on behalf of someone).

Service not obligation

Because NVR Nude is offering Subject Access Request functionality as a “service” and not a legal obligation our explanations are as simple and transparent as possible. NVR Nude has deployed a concise, easy to understand and readily available online form with which you can make requests to us about your data.

Verifying your identity

In order to ensure that personal data is transmitted only to the owner of the data or their representative(s) we are required to make a reasonable effort to verify the identity of the requester making a Subject Access Request.

As the personal data we have had, and do have, access to, has almost exclusively been provided via online digital booking forms, we propose, therefore, to use details from those booking forms to initially attempt to verify the identity of the person making the Subject Access Request.

Such identifying details shall include some or all of the following data:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your street address

In the event that we cannot be reasonably certain of the identify the requester as the owner of the personal data from the responses to the foregoing data exchange — we will then follow up with a telephone call to the requester to discuss further details associated with the occasion of the business conducted between NVR Nude and the requester.


You do not have to use the form on this page to make a Subject Access Request to NVR Nude. However, please keep in mind that:

  • Subject Access Requests cannot be made verbally
  • Subject Access Requests must be made in writing — hard copy or digital
  • Subject Access Requests must contain at least the identity verification details listed above
  • NVR Nude has never been, is not and never will be accessible via Fax
  • NVR Nude will only respond to SARs digitally ie. we will not prepare printed documents