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Email A — Initial invitation from old email system

Hi {Public Name (First):20.3},

Best wishes for 2023 from NVR Nude.

New Years = New Beginnings… and one of our “new beginnings” is refining how we deliver NVR Nude information to you.

Here’s why.

NVR Nude plans to…

  • publish quarterly newsletters yearly throughout 2023
  • undertake 3 or 4 special events and promotions during 2023

So we are changing the way we communicate with you for 3 reasons:

  1. Data protection compliance – for you
  2. Assured delivery – for you and for us
  3. Simplify management – for us

One — to bring NVRNude into an internationally recognized standard of data acquisition compliance — we are going to ask you to “intentionally opt in” to our digital communications.

In order for you to “intentionally opt in” — we ask that you click on the link below and complete the form on our website.

Two — we are integrating our email delivery system with our marketing and sales platform to improve our communication performance, functionality and reliability.

Three — the above considerations allow NVRNude to simplify the management of our digital communications… which, for us, means that we will have more time to focus on the “message” and have to spend less time on the “medium” [apologies to Marshall McLuhan].

The subscription process consists of the following steps…

  1. Click on the SUBSCRIPTION LINK below
  2. Fill in your contact information
  3. Select your subscription option
  4. Accept the NVR Nude Privacy Policy
  5. Submit the form

Before you begin you may be interested in reading the following two documents, both of which are — frankly — long and tedious but represent our sincere effort to conduct establish industry wide best practice at NVR Nude.

  • NVR Nude Privacy Policy
  • NVR Nude Terms of Service

IF you would like to think this over… please do so… you do not need to do anything at the moment and you are more than welcome to (re)subscribe with us at anytime in the future…. but, just so you know, our first newsletter will be going out in March 1, 2023.

FINALLY, here is the link to the form… SUBSCRIPTION LINK

“Thank you” for being part of NVR Nude.

NVR Nude [sign off]