This is a TEST page — it is not intended for public viewing.


This page presents links to web pages containing text for emails, online forms, automated replies for the forms, NVR NUDE Privacy Policy and NVR NUDE Terms of Service.

The formatting of the content linked to below is for display only … notice that the “mock ups” are being “hosted” on the westermill-booking.com WordPress web space … “Thank you Westermill” … more significantly, the text is what matters in all of the content linked to below.

The forms linked to on this page are functional: Confirmation Pages are displayed and Notification Emails returned to the submitter — Administrative Notification emails using default settings are sent to both me and you, ie. kelsey.merkeley@gmail.com

The order of the following sections is meant to correspond (approximately) to the timeline that I think they need to be deployed.

  1. Site Policies
  2. Subscriber Form
  3. First Contact
  4. Purchase Sequence — Proposed / Already in place?
  5. Subject Access Request Form — Proposed / Optional
  6. Onsite Comments Form — Proposed / Optional

Any and every thing below can be revised.

Site Policies

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are the documents which Kelsey originally referred to as a “hot mess” … well, (hopefully) they are slightly ‘cooler’ now: I tried to standardize usage in the copy itself and edits to source text have been kept to a minimum. Additionally I recommend:

  • Privacy Policy and
  • Terms of Service be placed on separate pages
  • Returns Policy can stay under “FAQ” but should also be more formally and listed under “Terms” / “Site Policies”… see following
  • “Terms” near page bottom currently links to “top of page” — consider…
    • Change “Terms” to “Site Policies” — link to its own page or no page [!?], list the following direct links below it:
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Service
    • Return and Exchange Policy
      • Have you considered accepting returns/exchanges for consignment sale?… or is that too much hassle!?
  • Provide attribution for the source text of the NVR NUDE Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • It “might” be an idea to put a date on these policy documents [?!]
  • PDFs of these docs may or may not be useful

Here are the links to these documents:

Subscriber Form

Continuing with this document’s purported “chronology”… this link takes you to the NVR NUDE Subscriber Form. This form has one purpose and two methods of “activation”:

  • Form purpose — record subscribers and automatically reply to them
  • Activation One — email campaign outlined below
  • Activation Two — link on NVR NUDE website inviting subscriptions

Here is the link to the form:

… the page linked to contains additional information before getting to the form itself.

Please note that there are 3 Confirmation pages and 3 Notification emails which will be presented and/or emailed to the subscriber based upon the subscription option chosen in the form. To save “clicking” I have assembled the examples on their relevant web pages.

Here are the links to these six documents…

First Contact

Here are the drafts of the emails intended to be sent to existing contacts in the effort to persuade them sign up to the NVR NUDE Quarterly Email and NVR NUDE Special Announcements email subscription services:

  • Email A: Initial invitation to subscribe — sent from old email system
    • Date of email invitation: Yet To Be Determined
  • Email B: AUTOMATIC — Thank you for subscribing — sent from new email system
    • AUTOMATIC — Immediate response from Subscriber Form upon submission of form
  • Email C: No reply, final email, “Thank you” — sent from old email system
    • Date of email to those who did NOT respond: Yet To Be Determined

Here is the link to these three email documents on one page:

Purchase Sequence

Considering the monetary value of online purchases from NVR NUDE the “First Response” in the Purchase Sequence process must be automatic, timely, well structured and reliable.

  1. User adds item(s) to cart
  2. User proceeds to check out
  3. User provides contact / shipping information
  4. User provides credit card information
  5. User agrees to terms of purchase
  6. User completes purchase


  1. First Response: automatic — immediately after checkout
  2. Second Response: manual — shipping notification 6 to 8 weeks later
  3. Third Response: manual — customer follow up about 1 week after scheduled delivery

Here is the link to these three documents on one page:

Subject Access Request

Summary of NVR NUDE’s version of the Subject Access Request (SAR):

  • ONLY refers to personal data stored / processed by NVR NUDE — Not third-partys
  • User may ask if NVR NUDE has stored / processed personal data
  • User may ask for a copy of the personal data NVR NUDE has stored / processed
  • User may ask for their personal data to be deleted by NVR NUDE
  • Personal data cannot be deleted if NVR NUDE “has been informed” that it is material to any legal proceeding

Here is the link to the SAR form…

… the page linked to contains additional information regarding NVR NUDE’s implementation of the SAR before the form itself.

Here is the link to the SAR form’s Confirmation Page…

Onsite Comments Form

Perhaps — “surplus to requirements” — but I mocked up a very simple “comments, questions, suggestions” form because I had mentioned it. Upon submission the form only presents a general “Confirmation Page” to the user stating that Kelsey will be in touch personally ASAP.

Here is the link to this form…

… and here’s a link to the Confirmation Page: